Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Jamacia Vacation

We enjoy cruising. My husband and I went on our first cruise when our children were small. On our return, our oldest child who was four at the time requested that we would never go on another cruise without him. We honored his request. One of our favorite spots to visit is Dunn's River Falls. There are different excursions that take you to the falls. We recommend taking a catamaran to the bottom of the falls. The music and refreshments on the catamaran provide a very festive ride. A guide will lead a human chain from the bottom of the falls to the top. There will be plenty of stops along the way, so you have lots of time to enjoy the fresh water pools. There is also a wooden walk way alongside the falls for those who do not wish to attempt the climb. The scenery is breathtaking and the cool water is refreshing. Without a doubt, the entire family should enjoy the falls and no one should be left behind.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life on Koppick Knob

There are still some old buildings that still remain on Koppick Knob. This building, which was probably built in the late 1800's, has been relocated from it's original location. It was like the homes that one sees in the old westerns. A one room building with a loft over a portion of the room. The loft is gone, but the building remains waiting to be torn down or blown down by a passing wind. Most of the buildings have lost their functionality, but my father recently added a deck to one of the older buildings and continues to use the building. It is his place to go when he needs some peace and quite. The ironic thing is that the deck looks like it went with the building. I doubt the first owners could imagine that the buildings would remain for so many years. My cousins and I were a little mischievous and tried many things that we later would get in trouble for. Yes, I will now admit for those that know me, my children do take after me. Our older siblings/cousins actually built tunnels throughout the hay in one of the old barns. We had a great slide from the top tier to the bottom until our grandfather found out. It wasn't near as fun to undo as it was to build.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Koppick Knob-Beautiful Summit

Koppick Knob, a Bays Mountain summit, is 1,647 feet above sea level. From the top of the knob you can see the Clinch Mountains, Cherokee Lake, Grainger County, Jefferson County, Carson Newman College, Morristown, Hamblen County and many other landmarks. A favorite past time of the residents that live around the summit is obviously hiking. The view is awesome plus there are many wild flowers, trees, and birds to identify on your hike.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jamaica-Love the Peacocks

Our family loves to travel and Jamaica was a win win for our entire family. Some of us took a Mountain bike tour to see the coffee plantations. Both the ride up and down was somewhat strenuous, but the views were breathtaking. One participant didn't seem to know where the brakes were and took a small tumble. Others chose a hike up Dunn Rivers Falls. This proved to be a little slippery, but was an awesome experience. A human chain was formed to assist everyone going up the falls. There were also walkways to the sides for those who did not wish to get wet. I chose a tour of Shaw Park Botanical Gardens. The flowers were in the words of a teenager-Fresh and in the words of a middle age adult-Gorgeous. The trip was not without adventure, as the peacock got his feathers ruffled and make sure that all the guests knew he was in charge. The colors on the peacock are so vivid due to the bright summer day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Life on Koppick Knob

It's only after you lose something that you understand what it meant to you. Life on Koppick Knob was simple. Yesterday, simple was not exciting. Today, simple is everything. Koppick Knob was a place that we could come together and be ourselves. We were blessed.