Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jamaica-Love the Peacocks

Our family loves to travel and Jamaica was a win win for our entire family. Some of us took a Mountain bike tour to see the coffee plantations. Both the ride up and down was somewhat strenuous, but the views were breathtaking. One participant didn't seem to know where the brakes were and took a small tumble. Others chose a hike up Dunn Rivers Falls. This proved to be a little slippery, but was an awesome experience. A human chain was formed to assist everyone going up the falls. There were also walkways to the sides for those who did not wish to get wet. I chose a tour of Shaw Park Botanical Gardens. The flowers were in the words of a teenager-Fresh and in the words of a middle age adult-Gorgeous. The trip was not without adventure, as the peacock got his feathers ruffled and make sure that all the guests knew he was in charge. The colors on the peacock are so vivid due to the bright summer day.

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