Friday, January 16, 2009

Life on Koppick Knob

There are still some old buildings that still remain on Koppick Knob. This building, which was probably built in the late 1800's, has been relocated from it's original location. It was like the homes that one sees in the old westerns. A one room building with a loft over a portion of the room. The loft is gone, but the building remains waiting to be torn down or blown down by a passing wind. Most of the buildings have lost their functionality, but my father recently added a deck to one of the older buildings and continues to use the building. It is his place to go when he needs some peace and quite. The ironic thing is that the deck looks like it went with the building. I doubt the first owners could imagine that the buildings would remain for so many years. My cousins and I were a little mischievous and tried many things that we later would get in trouble for. Yes, I will now admit for those that know me, my children do take after me. Our older siblings/cousins actually built tunnels throughout the hay in one of the old barns. We had a great slide from the top tier to the bottom until our grandfather found out. It wasn't near as fun to undo as it was to build.

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