Monday, November 16, 2009

We are missing the farm. I miss the smells, the beauty, the animals, and my family. I miss my evening hikes to the top of the Koppick Knob. The boys and I have been busy with work and school and have not been able to get our country life fix. The goats featured above are my cousin's. My relatives failed to inform me that the goats like to play fight with humans just like they play with each other. No one told me that their idea of playing was locking horns or butting the nearest object. They also stand up on their hind legs and make snorting noises as they come at you. One day my children, father, and I were going to fish at my uncle's pond. I sensed that everyone was watching me as I bent over to retrieve my bait. Little did I know the white goat was pawing the ground and aiming for my posterior. Without warning from my caring family, the white goat butted me right into the pond. Everyone got a great laugh at my expense. Being the good sport that I sometimes am, I had to laugh also.