Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Definitely one of my favorite pictures. I love the colors. My son took the pictures during one of our many visits to see my Aunt. She loved the view from her front porch. You were one in a million Aunt Doris and we will definitely miss you. Everytime I see this view, I will remember those afternoons, sitting on your front porch until all we could see were the lights from the houses miles away. There is no place like home.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Had fun taking pictures with my son. It's nice to know that they still make time for Mom even though they are grown. Family is so important and we love each and every member of our family. We visited my Aunt in the nursing home this week end. We were told that she was going in for therapy. Her roommate said that is what they told her when she first went there. I didn't even ask how long her roommate had been there. Thank goodness for slight memory problems. If we are lucky my aunt will forget what her room mate said.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simply Beautiful. Butterflies are absolutely captivating to watch. The color on this Pipevine Swallowtail is so vivid. Hopefully, we will be able to take some more prints of the other butterflies in the area. It would have helped if Dad hadn't mowed down the milkweed. One year when the boys were small, I inhaled the wonderful essence of the plant only to find out that I am extremely allergic to it. Good thing I'm not a butterfly. My days of fluttering are long gone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yikes, everything is not pretty on the Knob. I'm glad I wasn't with my son when he took a picture of this little guy/girl. I'm sure I would have wanted to stomp it. Speaking of, I visited Koppick Knob this week end and was scolded for smashing a spider. Everything is sacred on the knob. Spiders are valuable because they eat insects. Well, it is a good thing that something is allowed to eliminate an insect, but what eliminates spiders. I thought that was our job. Guess I was wrong. Wish I knew what this critter is, but I do not. Maybe I'll research it. Pretty ugly though.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Koppick Knob-Red Tail Hawk

We love to watch all the bird life on Koppick Knob. One of our favorites is the Red Tail Hawk. We wanted a closer image, but was not able to achieve it on this trip. I'll have to upload our pic of a vulture. They do do not seem to be as allusive. My youngest son spent some of his spring break on the farm. The cousins decided to camp out and had scoped out a great campsite. It the process they found a beautiful screech owl. Of course, the camera had been left at home. While running down the hill to get the camera, Trent sprang his ankle. Then once he told my father about the great discovery, my father reprimanded him for disturbing the owl. One thing you will learn real fast if you visit the Knob. Don't disturb the animals. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and remember the one who gave his life so we can have everlasting life.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Old Barn - Great Memories

Many memories were made in this rustic barn. My brother, cousins and I have climbed every inch of it. We use to slide down the roof. Don't even ask me how we got up there, because I would not attempt it today. Somewhere on the farm is 20 to 30 foot hay elevator that we used to ride down from the top window all the way to the ground. You would have to place one foot behind the other , bend down and pull yourself with your arms. The boys would literally fly. I was a little more cautious. This hay elevator had a belt and a motor which was attached to a tractor. A bale of hay was thrown on the elevator and it would carry the bale to the top. There was not a stop button, so be prepared if you were the person under the elevator. To ride the elevator, we would disconnect it from the tractor. Looking back, that was probably dangerous since there was no safety net underneath. I do believe our fathers even tried it. That is probably where we learn how to ride. When our mothers found out, everyone was grounded. The barn came complete with one heated room which included a TV. Our grandfather believe in amenities and installed two horseshoe pits. Often the men would be playing horseshoes at the barn, when everyone thought they were working on the farm. Again, not so pleasant when the mothers finally caught on. I think they were jealous that they were not invited.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Koppick Knob-Black Widow

Most of the insects and wildlife are harmless. However there are a few things that have a reputation for being deadly. Black widows usually avoid humans preferring dark, moist places. This black widow made the poor choice of setting up house in my cousin's mailbox. My cousin is terrified of spiders. As a child, I would always have to go first when we walked through the woods to clear the pathway of spider webs. I was terrified of snakes, so we had a trade off. She would take care of the snakes and I would take care of the spiders. Thus forty plus years later, when she found the spider in the mailbox, I took care of it for her.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This little fellow developed a taste for our cat's food. Well, he developed a taste along with a few additional cats. The cats didn't mine him and he didn't mind the cats. Total count by the end of the summer was fifteen cats plus numerous birds, raccoons, squirrels and every other animal that likes cat food. My mother had one of those Southern hissy fits, so now they are down to about six cats plus all the other animals. It was great for my son who loves to take pictures of wild life. We kept telling Daddy as long as he left the food out, the animals would keep coming. It doesn't help that Dad simply loves animals. His sister was just like him. Evidently there were some wild cats in the adjoining woods and one of the mother cats had kittens. Daddy starting supplying cat food to the mother cat without my mother's knowledge. Then the mother cat started bringing the kittens up to the house for the food. Next thing you know, her kittens had kittens and the story went on. Mom finally caught Dad feeding the cats. That wasn't a pleasant day on Koppick Knob. Dad spent all summer trying to catch and tame the wild cats so they could be given away. Mom spent the entire summer worrying about what they were going to do with so many cats. I spent all summer trying to convince them to keep a few of the cats. They settled on three and those have been to the vet. Mom had another one of those fits when they paid the bill. The good news is they do not have to worry about any of those three ever having kittens. I'm afraid we are in for round two though because there is still one wild female cat left that Dad simply can not catch. After over fifty years of marriage, Mom might pack up an leave him, if that cat has another litter of kittens.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Home for the Holidays

It was nice to be home this year for the Holidays. The boys got to experience midnight sledding with their cousins. It's amazing how bright the snowed covered world is under a full moon at midnight. There are no age limits on sledding. One person did managed to loose their glasses. They were later found with a metal detector. We added a few more pictures to our memory album and enjoyed Mam maw's hot chocolate. We had a wonderful time, but it always ends so soon. We simply can't get enough. Looking back, I don't know why I every allowed a certain someone to talk me into living anywhere besides Koppick Knob. What was I thinking.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We love learning about the various species of plant and animal life on Koppick Knob. It seems we find something new and unique every time we go hiking. During the fall, my son wanted to take a picture of this fungi. At the time, this would not have been my choice for a picture, but the end product is amazing. The picture has captured the fine details of the mushroom that I did not notice during the hike. This love of nature has been handed down now for five generations. I have had the fortune to know each generation and particpate in many family hikes. This passion seems to unite each generation because regardless of age, there is always something to learn and share. The youngest generation often see the things that the older generations overlook. We don't always agree on everything; but at the end of the day, everyone knows that they are loved.