Saturday, February 13, 2010

This little fellow developed a taste for our cat's food. Well, he developed a taste along with a few additional cats. The cats didn't mine him and he didn't mind the cats. Total count by the end of the summer was fifteen cats plus numerous birds, raccoons, squirrels and every other animal that likes cat food. My mother had one of those Southern hissy fits, so now they are down to about six cats plus all the other animals. It was great for my son who loves to take pictures of wild life. We kept telling Daddy as long as he left the food out, the animals would keep coming. It doesn't help that Dad simply loves animals. His sister was just like him. Evidently there were some wild cats in the adjoining woods and one of the mother cats had kittens. Daddy starting supplying cat food to the mother cat without my mother's knowledge. Then the mother cat started bringing the kittens up to the house for the food. Next thing you know, her kittens had kittens and the story went on. Mom finally caught Dad feeding the cats. That wasn't a pleasant day on Koppick Knob. Dad spent all summer trying to catch and tame the wild cats so they could be given away. Mom spent the entire summer worrying about what they were going to do with so many cats. I spent all summer trying to convince them to keep a few of the cats. They settled on three and those have been to the vet. Mom had another one of those fits when they paid the bill. The good news is they do not have to worry about any of those three ever having kittens. I'm afraid we are in for round two though because there is still one wild female cat left that Dad simply can not catch. After over fifty years of marriage, Mom might pack up an leave him, if that cat has another litter of kittens.

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