Friday, March 19, 2010

Old Barn - Great Memories

Many memories were made in this rustic barn. My brother, cousins and I have climbed every inch of it. We use to slide down the roof. Don't even ask me how we got up there, because I would not attempt it today. Somewhere on the farm is 20 to 30 foot hay elevator that we used to ride down from the top window all the way to the ground. You would have to place one foot behind the other , bend down and pull yourself with your arms. The boys would literally fly. I was a little more cautious. This hay elevator had a belt and a motor which was attached to a tractor. A bale of hay was thrown on the elevator and it would carry the bale to the top. There was not a stop button, so be prepared if you were the person under the elevator. To ride the elevator, we would disconnect it from the tractor. Looking back, that was probably dangerous since there was no safety net underneath. I do believe our fathers even tried it. That is probably where we learn how to ride. When our mothers found out, everyone was grounded. The barn came complete with one heated room which included a TV. Our grandfather believe in amenities and installed two horseshoe pits. Often the men would be playing horseshoes at the barn, when everyone thought they were working on the farm. Again, not so pleasant when the mothers finally caught on. I think they were jealous that they were not invited.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Koppick Knob-Black Widow

Most of the insects and wildlife are harmless. However there are a few things that have a reputation for being deadly. Black widows usually avoid humans preferring dark, moist places. This black widow made the poor choice of setting up house in my cousin's mailbox. My cousin is terrified of spiders. As a child, I would always have to go first when we walked through the woods to clear the pathway of spider webs. I was terrified of snakes, so we had a trade off. She would take care of the snakes and I would take care of the spiders. Thus forty plus years later, when she found the spider in the mailbox, I took care of it for her.