Sunday, April 4, 2010

Koppick Knob-Red Tail Hawk

We love to watch all the bird life on Koppick Knob. One of our favorites is the Red Tail Hawk. We wanted a closer image, but was not able to achieve it on this trip. I'll have to upload our pic of a vulture. They do do not seem to be as allusive. My youngest son spent some of his spring break on the farm. The cousins decided to camp out and had scoped out a great campsite. It the process they found a beautiful screech owl. Of course, the camera had been left at home. While running down the hill to get the camera, Trent sprang his ankle. Then once he told my father about the great discovery, my father reprimanded him for disturbing the owl. One thing you will learn real fast if you visit the Knob. Don't disturb the animals. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and remember the one who gave his life so we can have everlasting life.

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