Saturday, January 14, 2012

I so missed the tranquility of Koppick Knob. I enjoy the open windows and feeling the breeze as it carries the sound of insects, birds, and other wildlife into the rooms. I even love the fright of hearing the coyotes yapping. I find myself listening to identify as many things as I can. Recently, I was helping my Dad look for a missing calf. I kept hearing a noise that I could not distinguish. He said it was a fox warning us to stay away. Well, I didn't need a second warning.
My father refuses to introduce technology to the farm. He simply does not want to pay for cable or satellite and fails to see the use of the internet. My mother sees the benefit of the Internet though. Whenever we visit, she asks if we have brought that box where she can view and order the JC Penney's clearance items. She also loves viewing all the pictures on facebook. Through the Internet, I have discovered a lot about my father's heritage. We recently visited some land in the mountains of Virginia that is still in the family. My father remembers his great grandfather, aunts and uncles that left a heritage for many to enjoy. He may finally be seeing the benefit of a box that allows one to connect to so much information.

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