Monday, April 15, 2013

"Over the Rainbow" is an all time favorite song for many people.  One year while we were on our way to Koppick Knob, I pointed out a rainbow in the sky and told my children that legend says there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  My oldest child who was 4 at the time said, "Well, I know where the pot of gold is."  I reply, "Really". "Yes", he said. "The pot of gold is at Mam Maws, so we are going to the right place".  It seems he ran across my mother's change jar during one of our visits.  We still laugh at the story today.  The pot of gold is definitely in the eye of the beholder. He saw a Pot of Gold, we saw an old jar with some coins.  The beauty of nature is also in the eye of the beholder.  I love to take pictures of flowers, scenery, and birds.  My sons love to take pictures of bugs, fungi, frogs, and storms. I have learned a lot from my children.  I now look at things quite differently.  Another great thing is that Koppick Knob has something to offer us all. Its is a place that we all can visit and simply enjoy nature.

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