Monday, August 5, 2013

We have so many "favorite" flowers on Koppick Knob.  We always manage to find the beauty when others only see the weeds.   There is one unique theme that we all see to realize.  Life is precious, so enjoy the time we have with each other.  While performing some genealogy studies, we found  that we have four revolutionary war veterans in our family line.  One, Joel Ramsey,  was a body guard to George Washington,  It is amazing that so many of soldiers then and now give up so much in order for others to have more.  Most lived a very modest life.  I'm so thankful  

I read a quote today by Al Stewart that describes how I feel about Koppick Knob. " the land...shapes them individually to its contours--and often haunts their dreams with irrational beauty and longing-when they are away." I love my Appalachian Heritage and my family. I guess that is why I have made over 500 plus trips back home since I moved away. Wow 3,000 plus hours of driving time or 125 days of my life on the road.