Sunday, May 11, 2014

Missing Koppick Knob

"Uggie" is one of the resident cats on Koppick Knob.  Many of the cats were feral cats at one time, but  my father and his two nieces have make it a personal goal to tame and nurture all the homeless cats. Uggie was the product of feral cats.  He had the unfortunate luck to be attacked by a predator when he was very small.  My father managed to catch him and take him to the vet.  No one thought he would live, yet eight weeks later;  Dad brings back a cat that would require care through out the day. When Dad went to this vet, he had a set amount that he would spend on the cat.  Even the vets in the area are wonderful, because this vet only charged Dad the agreed upon amount after 8 weeks of care.  Due to the extent of the injuries, Dad nurture the kitten for almost a year.. Everyone that saw this kitten thought he was so ugly he was cute.  Thus we always called him "Uggie"  Now, my father has a cat that thinks he is a little human.   I simply love Koppick Knob- it is a place of nurture; a place of acceptance; and a place of friendship. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Koppick Knob-You never know where the Trail will lead you.

Fifty plus years of hiking and it never grows old. There is always something new to learn, something  new to see, something new to hear, or simply something that must have been missed the time before.   The scenery  is ever changing, yet to the unobservant eye it remains the same.  This past summer we heard a new bird at night or at least we thought it was a bird.   We spent all summer trying to find this baffling noise-maker, but it was very elusive.  We hope it returns.  Just when you thought you had identified every sound and  every creature, a new one shows up.  Koppick Knob is a beautiful place to live.