Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sometimes the beauty is right off the beaten trail.  There have always been an abundance of beautiful flowers on Koppick Knob. I have many wonderful memories of picnics in our field of flowers. After a long day of work, my parents or my Aunt and Uncle could be found walking in the flower fields. We sometimes had a difference of opinion when it comes to favorites though.  I love the wild passion flower also known as Maypops.  My father finds them to be a pest because they take over a field that he has designated for hay.   He loves morning glories and I sometimes get frustrated when the morning glories manage to grow in my flower garden.  Dad on the other hand will let them have free will in his gardens.  Both flowers are fast growing vines and can often crowd out all other foliage, if not kept under control. We sometimes get busy in day to day life and forget to stop and enjoy God's gifts.