Sunday, March 6, 2016

Love the Spring Flowers on Koppick Knob. They bring a message of Hope. These particular flowers were planted in the early 1900's and have been enjoyed by many generations of Koppick Knob residents.  My father's family came from Virginia on both his mother and father's sides. Dad's heritage is amazing. I often wonder how he became such a humble man, but buried in our genes is a desire for adventure, a love of art and music, and a love of telling a good story. His father's family arrived a few generations before his mother's family.  His father has ties to the French and English. They were also descendants of William Taptico - the last King of the Wicocomico tribe. I love to joke and say I always knew I was a princess. Dad's Greats on his mother's side are also quite intriguing.  He is a descendant of Fighting Dick Colley, Rainwater Ramsey, and  Revolutionary John Mullins. You only have to read the Virginia road signs to know he came from some very strong people.  His mother's family came from Ramsey Ridge when she was a young child.  Most of the family rode on the train, but one grandfather followed with their moonshine still in a wagon. Whenever telling the story, we must say the still was only for the making of elixirs. It could take days to get to a doctor from the top of the ridge.  During a stop in Jefferson County, someone stole that still right off the wagon.  We wonder if they stayed because the hills were smaller or if he wanted to find his stolen still.  Regardless they stayed and our family keeps returning to visit the hills for evenings of story telling and singing.  We love our heritage and love to share it with whoever is willing to stop for a visit.